4 Hands Spiritual Healing
~ Total Mind Body Soul Transformation ~

Physiques by Colleen

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We are a mother-daughter based spiritual healing business. 

We offer Reiki, Shamballa, Animal Oracle card readings and Crystal Healing.

Colleen Mahony Sgro

Reiki Master

Caisee Davila

Reiki Master

Rates and Services

Reiki: $54 per 45- 60 minute session

Hands-on energy healing.

Reiki and Crystal Healing: $64 per 45 - 60 minute session
Reiki performed with the added benefits of Crystal Healing.

Animal Oracle card reading: $40.00 

This is not a tarot card reading. Animal Oracle cards give you messages from spirit through animals. This can give you insight to problems or questions you may have.


"I had my 2nd session with Colleen and I'm so thankful for her healing and guidance. I highly recommend her, I promise you won't be disappointed."

- Shannon

"This is a great place to go if you are in need of healing on a physical, emotional or spiritual level. I left feeling a new sense of confidence with my place in the Universe." - Suzanne

"I was given a card reading by Caisee. She was able to read me long distance (I am in Colorado). Caisee is very passionate and caring. She really goes above and beyond for others. She connected on so many points, and I am very blessed to know the right path towards my own healing process. Her spiritual guide is forever grateful!" - Katherine

"Our new 15 month old standard poodle had a Reiki session with Colleen. He had been having behavior issues (rescue pup). Colleen worked with him with two specific healing crystals, which he was very receptive to and an essential oil. She calmed him quite a bit and his behavior since that session has improved. She did consult with Caisee and she told us that he is bored. Both Colleen & Caisee have excellent communication with animals! P.S. Mosley found an angel feather this morning!' - Mimi

"I'm not even sure where to start- I had a Reiki session done with Colleen and it has since literally changed me and my life. It's hard sometimes as a human to translate what you "feel" adequately enough into words for others to understand the impact, so without judgement I will explain that it made no sense to me that something like this could affect me in this way. I feel like my eyes have been opened and I have begun a journey to discovering myself and being at peace with my life. Friends have told me that the only way they can explain the change in me is that I seem at peace and I do. I find myself sitting outside playing with my dog not focusing on lists of priorities or worries for the week anymore- they will always be there. I find myself instead enjoying every moment- living my life and working on the things I have discovered with Colleen's help that I need to work on and it has strengthened my relationships and my thoughts. This was the BEST experience I have ever had- honestly. Humbly, I thank Colleen for her spiritual guidance on this journey!" - Carla

"I had a Reiki session with Colleen and it was an amazing experience. I think I'm a pretty guarded individual, but she was able to pick up on my "closed off" areas and provided me with encouragement and advice on how to listen to my own body and intuition. The atmosphere was calm and relaxing plus Colleen is such a gentle soul, the whole experience was so positive and uplifting. Enlightening. Thank you Colleen, I'll definitely be back for another session! - Meredith